Delivered by Rail Freight

The Rail Freight Group (RFG) has unveiled its ‘Delivered by Rail Freight’ manifesto, a new cross-industry campaign emphasising rail’s critical role in transporting essential goods throughout Great Britain.

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The manifesto underscores the mutual commitment of the government and all the key rail freight players in the drive to shift more freight from congested roads to the rail network, enhancing economic, environmental, and regional outcomes in line with government objectives.

Private sector rail freight is instrumental in constructing homes and infrastructure, supporting carbon reduction and net-zero targets, and fostering economic and employment growth across UK regions.

Supporting the growth of rail freight

Rail freight’s growth plans are wide-ranging, including assisting new businesses in utilising rail for their goods, investing in state-of-the-art facilities, locomotives, and wagons, and revolutionising operations with data-driven technology. To realise these ambitions, RFG urges the incoming government to support rail freight through several targeted interventions. Strategic government investment in rail infrastructure, such as funding 60 miles of missing electrification, could electrify over 2 million freight train miles annually. This would significantly cut carbon emissions and enhance air quality in local communities.

Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General of RFG, said: “Rail freight benefits everyone, whether it’s turning on the lights, shopping, or enjoying a glass of wine. Expanding rail freight across the nation will facilitate the transition of essential goods to rail, bolstering both the economy and the environment.

“The rail freight sector is committed to growth and is investing in facilities, equipment, technology, people and skills. We are calling on the incoming government to match this ambition through interventions that can help rail freight to thrive.”

The manifesto and accompanying campaign will showcase the diverse contributions of rail freight across Britain, from construction materials to cars, waste to wine, and bananas to biomass. The initiative promotes a supportive policy and funding framework conducive to rail freight growth.


  • The Delivered by Rail Freight manifesto and campaign is supported by the three largest freight operators with members contributing to case studies.
  • Rail freight delivers for the economy: Rail freight contributes around £2.5bn per year to the economy, and the private sector has invested over £3bn in the last 25 years.
  • Rail freight delivers for the environment: A freight train can carry up to the equivalent of up to 129 HGVs and emits 76% less CO2 per tonne than road freight.
  • Rail freight delivers for the regions: 90% of rail freight’s economic benefits are experienced outside London and the South East supporting regions around Great Britain.
  • Rail freight delivers for its workforce: Nearly 6,500 people are directly employed by rail freight operators who provide high quality employment with access to training and development.
  • Rail freight delivers for its customers: Rail freight is an integral part of what makes of other industries work, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country and local and national supply chains.



Follow the campaign at @dbrfcampaign and on the hashtag #deliveredbyrailfreight