Code of Conduct

Rail Freight Group Events Code of Conduct

Rail Freight Group’s (RFG) event programme brings its members together to network, meet others in the industry, learn, share best practice and enjoy time together. Many of our events are also open to non-member participants and guests and may be held online or face to face and sometimes in co-operation with other organisations.

RFG is committed to making its events productive and enjoyable for everyone. All attendees are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct at our events, and where appropriate ensure their guests at any event are made aware of the Code of Conduct.

We expect attendees at our events to

  • Tolerate and listen to each other’s views;
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language;
  • Treat everyone with respect; and
  • Be considerate of other attendees, staff and organisers.

We will NOT accept:

  • Abusive, insulting or degrading, threatening, bullying, intimidatory, hateful or otherwise inappropriate behaviour (including speech and/or text and/or imagery);
  • Harassment, including inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention and deliberate intimidation,
  • Discrimination of any kind i.e. offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, and religion;
  • Display of inappropriate content including depictions of violence, nudity, sexual imagery and language
  • Sustained disruption of events

Failing to comply with the Code of Conduct could result in the immediate exclusion from the event and potentially future events.
If you think the Code of Conduct is not being followed at an event, please get in touch with any member of RFG staff immediately.

Rail Freight Group
June 2023