Event recording – Improving Mental Health in Rail Freight is now available


RSSB’s recent cross-industry mental health survey revealed some hard hitting statistics, with anxiety amongst railway industry employees 1.5 times the national rate, and over twice the rate of PTSD.

Almost 40% of all respondents for the freight sector reported a mental health issue which they felt was a direct result of work, yet the majority of respondents (61%) said they would go to work as usual if they were suffering psychological issues such as stress, depression or anxiety, rather than take time off.

Julia Keleher from RSSB joined us to talk through what was learnt about the mental health of freight employees and shared tips for taking care of your own mental health and that of your colleagues.

Gemma Platt from GB Railfreight and Stephanie Kendrick from Aggregate Industries discussed how their companies are seeking to protect and promote better mental health among employees.