Event review: Introducing the Class 321 Swift Express Freight train – high speed goods transportation by rail

As the e-commerce market continues to grow, so has the demand for next-day deliveries. Coinciding with an increased focus on climate change and decarbonisation of transport modes, there is a need to deliver goods in the most environmentally friendly way.

Nick Delaselle and Sam Gillert from Eversholt Rail gave a presentation explaining how their company has responded to this need by developing the innovative Class 321 Swift Express Freight train.

They explained that converting Class 321 passenger trains to carry freight will provide a cost-effective and low carbon solution for transporting goods across the UK. Each vehicle has four powered sliding doors and can carry a payload of approximately nine tonnes.

Eversholt has been working in partnership with Ricardo and Wabtec to bring the first Class 321 Swift Express Freight train into a service-ready condition. Trial services will begin on several routes later this year.

The webinar is available here or contact Sam.gillert@eversholtrail.co.uk for more details.