Franchising is Dead – Long Live Rail Freight! 

Rail Freight Group (RFG) have today (21 Sep 2020) called for full recognition of the rail freight sector in Government’s planned reforms for UK railways. 

Department for Transport has announced fundamental changes to the structure of passenger train contracting and operations, effectively bringing rail franchising to an end.  It also signalled further changes in future through ‘a process of reform that will ensure our railways are entirely focused on the passenger.’

Maggie Simpson, RFG Director-General, said: “Rail freight operators continue to operate in the private sector, as they have done for the past two decades. They, and their customers, expect their needs to be placed at the heart of the railway, alongside, and no less than, the needs of passengers.

“Rail freight is essential for decarbonising transport and supporting economic recovery. Network Rail and the Department for Transport must continue to support growth, deliver for our customers and ensure fair and equal access to the network for freight services.”