Honouring an enduring legacy

Members will of course by now be aware of the passing of HM The Queen.

The staff at Rail Freight Group (RFG) would like to extend their heartfelt and deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this time of national tragedy.

Our thoughts are with all of those close to the Royal Household and with a country and commonwealth that has lost its monarch.

HM Queen Elizabeth II was not only an enduring figurehead but an inspiration to millions across the world. Her passing truly marks the ending of an era.

The Royal Household will set out arrangements for Lying-in-State and the State Funeral. Members are encouraged to follow updates on www.gov.uk and the Royal Website. There is also an online book of condolence here.

Please check your Local Authority website for any local memorials as well as any business or road closures that may impact you.