Improving incentives on Network Rail and train operators

Rail Freight Group was pleased to respond to the ORR’s consultation on Charges and Contractual Incentives as part of Periodic Review 2018 (PR18).  

Rail freight, which operates almost exclusively in the private sector, is a key part of UK freight and logistics.  Overall, rail accounts for around 12% of surface freight transport, with significantly higher shares in some parts of the market.  Compared to road freight, rail freight has significant environmental advantages including:
a.76% less CO2 than the equivalent journey on road
b.90% less PM10
c.15x less NOx
d.Up to 20x safer than road 
e.Each train keeps up to 75 lorries off the road, reducing road congestion and road damage.

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Improving Incentives on Network Rail and Train Operators Mar 17