Initial Consultation on a Network Licence for the Operator of the Core Valley Lines

Rail Freight Group (RFG) is pleased to respond to the initial consultation on Network Licence for the operator of the Core Valley Lines.

RFG, along with its members, understands the desire of Welsh Government to take direct control of the Core Valley Lines (CVL). The rail freight industry does not wish to prevent such a transfer occurring and has been pleased with the collaborative and open approach from Keolis Amey to developing a suitable framework for accommodating the freight which operates today and could operate in future. Nonetheless, the transfer raises important matters of principle, which need to be fully considered.

We recognise that the CVL represent only a small, and fairly discrete part of the national rail network.  Nonetheless, it is part of the national network today, and are regulated as such.  The commercial frameworks which exist are based on the well understood framework which applies to Network Rail, the levels of risk it incorporates and the protections it provides.  So far as possible, RFG expects that the resultant framework post transfer will not significantly change this position for the FOCs and their customers.

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