Mayor of London Consultation on Draft New London Plan

Rail Freight Group (RFG) was pleased to respond to the consultation on the Mayor of London’s Draft New London Plan.

Rail freight is an important element in freight distribution in London, and has the potential to contribute more towards meeting the Mayor’s objectives for transport and the wider economy and community. Our response to the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets our views on how London can make a greater use of rail freight, and measures that can support this.

Since the publication of the draft Transport Plan we have had a number of constructive meetings with Transport for London, and are building a shared understanding and ambition for growth.

For rail freight to prosper in London it is however vital that it has suitable and appropriate terminals which enable trains to be loaded and unloaded and link rail activity with other freight and logistics activities on site. Most typically in the construction sector this means rail linked sites which can distribute stone, cement, asphalt and other products into local construction sites (for example the locations at Greenwich and Battersea).  For retail goods, this means intermodal terminals and rail linked warehousing, (for example, the facilities at Barking and London Gateway).   Without such facilities, rail freight cannot operate effectively.

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RFG Response to Draft London Plan Feb 2018