National Planning Policy Framework Consultation

Rail Freight Group (RFG) was pleased to respond to the consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework in May.

Planning policy is a significant matter for the development and growth of rail freight. Although the development of the rail network itself is covered by bespoke processes such as the Transport and Works Act, rail freight terminals are not, and must secure the necessary permissions through the planning regime. With increasing pressure on industrial land, and increased demands for rail transport, ensuring that rail facilities can secure appropriate planning, and are then able to function effectively is essential.

The situation is particularly acute for smaller terminals in urban centres, which are particularly although not exclusively used for the supply of construction materials by rail. Such facilities often also include asphalt and concrete plants which serve building activities in their areas including housebuilding and other infrastructure. Although these serve a very necessary function, it is increasingly difficult to secure planning consent, and existing sites are under continual pressure for redevelopment, or from inappropriate adjacent development.

Read the full response at the link below.

RFG Response to NPPF consultation April 2018