Rail Freight: Fit for the Future

The Rail Freight Group has announced ‘Rail Freight: Fit for the Future’ a forward-thinking documentary series, focused on three key pillars of growth, sustainability, and innovation. It will be produced by Zinc Media Group and released in partnership with the Freight Industry Times in the Autumn.

Shot throughout the UK, ‘Rail Freight: Fit for the Future’ will take viewers on a cinematic journey, exploring who and what is driving change. The content will be feature feats of engineering; inspiring stories of how rail freight is working with the wider industry; and showcase cutting-edge technology that’s providing faster, greener, and safer ways of transporting goods around the country.

‘Rail Freight” Fit for the Future’ will consist of a series of short-form documentaries, featuring insightful stories from across the rail freight sector. The films will highlight how the freight industry is driving sustainable practices, supporting growth, and driving innovation. We’ll hear from leaders and influencers in the industry, as well as the people and businesses at the forefront of this powerful industry.

Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General, Rail Freight Group (RFG), said: “It is an exciting time for rail freight, as customers look to move more goods by rail to meet their sustainability ambitions, and the sector is responding with new investments and innovations. At RFG, we want to give all of our members the opportunity to tell their stories and expand on how they are helping make rail freight fit for the future. The UK rail freight sector has an incredible story to tell and this project presents a real opportunity for those to be told to a wider audience.”

This series comes at an opportune time as the UK Government calls on industry to hit net-zero targets by 2050. Rail Freight is a growing business sector with huge potential to support in this. There are fantastic innovations and developments happening all over the country, as well as investment in R&D helping modernise the industry.

“Rail Freight is a success story. We’re delighted to partner with the Rail Freight Group to bring this story to life through this powerful series”, says Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming at Zinc Media Group.

The content will be launched in the Autumn of this year, to coincide with the RFG Annual Conference in October 2022 and will form part of a national marketing campaign aimed at RFG members, policymakers, the wider modal sectors and the general public. The series will help these audiences understand how important the rail freight sector is to UK PLC; how it’s helping the UK reach its sustainability goals and promote those leading the way in innovation and development.

We are currently seeking sponsors with interesting stories to be featured in the documentary, as well as additional media and distribution partners. To find out how you can be involved, please contact Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming at Adam.Harrod@ZincMedia.com

Download the teaser trailer here.