RFG launches new mentoring programme

New Cross-Member Mentoring Scheme will help develop key rail freight skills

Rail Freight Group has today (18 Jan) launched a new Cross-Member Mentoring Scheme that aims to help develop rail freight skills across the sector, and support individuals with their own personal development.

The new programme, which will run through 2023, is open to anyone working in an RFG member company.  Mentees will be matched with mentors from different organisations who can support them in their development and increase their knowledge and understanding of the different areas of rail freight.

Maggie Simpson OBE, RFG Director General, said: “Our members span the economy, from ports to quarries, manufacturing to operations, commercial to legal.  We want to help people learn more about the different parts of rail freight, as well as supporting their development as individuals.  I would really encourage our members to sign up for this new scheme.”

Deanne Logan, Mentoring Programme Lead, said: “Mentoring is an incredibly powerful development opportunity, allowing knowledge-sharing and coaching to take place. Mentoring relationships can often shape our careers as they open up new connections and relationships, insight into other sectors and also into leadership and working styles.”

About the Cross-Member Mentoring Scheme

This programme will be led by experienced mentoring consultant Deanne Logan, and aims to bring mentors and mentees together from across the breadth of our membership, helping individuals to develop new skills whilst also expanding knowledge of the many different areas of rail freight.

Please do share this information across your business; anyone in an RFG Member Company can sign up to be a mentor or mentee, and the programme is free of charge.  Please note that in order to maximise the time available for the mentoring programme we aim to conclude the matching process for 2023 by 17th February.

What is the mentoring programme?

This programme aims to help develop rail freight skills across the sector, and support

individuals with their own personal development. You can join the programme as a mentor, mentee or both. Based on your individual skills, experience and needs, you will be matched with someone from a different organisation, where you will meet virtually or in person approximately once a month during 2023. Both mentors and mentees will be supported with training and resources before you get started to ensure the relationship is as effective as possible.

What is mentoring?

Development that involves people connecting to share knowledge, experience, advice and support.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is working in an RFG member company – you don’t have to be in a rail freight specific role to join the programme.

Can I have more information, please?

Of course. Please join an optional 30-minute information call here

This will be recorded and shared on RFG’s youtube channel.

Further details can be found below:

How do I sign up?

What training do I need?

 Please select a 1-hour training session from the dates available – this is necessary to complete prior to starting your mentoring relationship.

 Next steps – see infographic

  • Attend an information call if you’d like further information
  • Complete the mentor or mentee registration form
  • Book onto your 1 hour training session
  • Browse the support resources
  • Await a match – this will be by Friday 17th February 2023 at the latest