RFG sets out freight needs for West Coast Partnership

As Government starts the competition for the new West Coast Partnership, Rail Freight Group (RFG) has today (28 March 2018) set out the key requirements for rail freight in a new position paper for stakeholders and bidders. 

The West Coast Main Line is a vital route for freight, with around 90,000 freight trains running each year between the major conurbations, ports, quarries and production facilities. Although freight will not run on HS2, the future West Coast timetable will need to accommodate freight services, alongside HS2 trains and residual passenger services.  This will require a fair allocation of released capacity south of Crewe, and infrastructure and operational solutions north of Crewe to meet the needs of all users.

Maggie Simpson, RFG Executive Director, said: “The West Coast Partnership will have an influential role on the future of this important route, and we need to ensure that freight is part of these developments. Our position paper published today will help to provide key information for bidders and stakeholders to enable the right collaboration and cooperation between freight and passenger in the new partnership.


RFG’s policy paper can be found on the link below.
Rail Freight & the West Coast Main Line


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