RFG Mentoring update

RFG’s Cross-Member Mentoring Programme Update

In the ever-evolving landscape of the rail freight sector, knowledge transfer and professional development have become crucial components for success. The Rail Freight Group’s annual Cross-Member Mentoring Programme works to assist with that, fostering collaborative relationships and promoting the growth of talent across the sector.

This year’s programme has seen an impressive response, with 39 enthusiastic mentees paired with experienced mentors. What sets this initiative apart is the commitment of 35 mentors, some generously extending their guidance to not just one, but two mentees. The collaborative effort involves 24 RFG member organizations, creating a network of shared expertise and insight.

The structure of the programme is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions and knowledge exchange. Participants are scheduled to meet every four to eight weeks throughout 2024, utilizing various formats such as online meetings, face-to-face discussions, and even on-site visits. This diverse range of communication methods ensures that mentors and mentees have the flexibility to engage in ways that best suit their needs and preferences.

The mentoring relationships, set to span over the year, offer mentees a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experience from seasoned industry professionals. The richness of insights derived from face-to-face interactions and site visits is expected to contribute significantly to the mentees’ professional growth.

Ensuring a solid foundation for the mentoring journey, all participants, both mentors, and mentees, undergo a comprehensive 1-hour induction. This induction serves as a platform to align expectations, establish goals, and create a framework for a successful mentoring relationship. Additionally, both mentors and mentees have access to ongoing support resources, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Rail Freight Group is committed to nurturing talent and fostering collaboration within the industry. As the programme unfolds throughout 2024, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the careers of those involved and contribute to the overall resilience and innovation within the rail freight sector.


RFG Mentoring update
RFG Mentoring update