Scottish Ministers’ commitment to freight welcomed

Rail Freight Group (RFG) has welcomed the strong commitment to rail freight in the Scottish Ministers’ High Level Output Specification published this week.

In particular, the statement requires Network Rail Scotland to take all reasonable steps to facilitate growth of 7.5% in rail freight traffic carried on the Scotland route over control period 6. The document also sets a target to improve the average speed of freight trains by at least 10% and to improve freight punctuality performance to 94.5% over the same timeframe.

Scottish Ministers have also confirmed the need for a comprehensive approach to the management of freight and passenger loading gauge to address existing concerns and simplify the processes for operators and end customers.

RFG Scottish Representative David Spaven said: “Our members are working hard to identify new customers and develop new services. We already work closely with Network Rail, and these new requirements will help ensure all interests are aligned in support of that growth.

The High Level Output Specification can be found here