Rail freight wagons

Tarmac calls on Everysens to integrate TOPS and digitise rail freight management

Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business, is now leveraging TOPS (Total Operations Processing System) to digitise and optimise its rail freight performance in the UK. Thanks to its collaboration with Everysens, the European leader in TVMS (“Transport Visibility & Management System”) for rail freight software, Tarmac is taking a step further towards fully digitised rail freight operations.

Tracking freight trains without GPS: a world of possibilities TOPS is the computer system that Network Rail uses to oversee the management of British railways. Users need to connect to TOPS to track trains and wagons in the UK, and specifically its TRUST (Train Running Under System TOPS) system, which gathers data from trains on the rail network.

To track the freight trains of their UK-based client Tarmac, Everysens has developed an integration with TOPS. Everysens connects to collate all relevant data (positions, geofences, train progress, etc.) to feed a live map inside their platform. Tarmac now has precise ETAs for their rail transports and can compare forecasted transport plans with real-time data. Digitising Tarmac’s rail freight operations is a crucial step forward in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational excellence. The integration with TOPS enables Tarmac to measure performance, analyse patterns, and ensure smooth planning anticipation and collaboration between stakeholders like depots, quarries, rail operators and central teams. All in one place. This digitisation not only streamlines the monitoring process, but also allows for proactive decision-making based on accurate data. It ensures that Tarmac can continue to innovate and meet the evolving needs of its customers, while maintaining the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Chris Swan, Head of Rail at Tarmac, said: “Everysens’ integration with TOPS has significantly supported Tarmac to digitise its rail freight operations. Tracking our freight trains has become a lot easier and more precise through digital solutions. With real-time ETA data, we can optimise routes, manage resources, and provide an even higher level of service to our customers. This integration underscores our commitment to staying ahead in technology, embracing digitisation for more efficient and streamlined operations.”

Sabrina Meksaoui, CRO at Everysens, Board Member at Rail Freight Group, adds: “We’re proud of the positive impact the integration with TOPS has on Tarmac’s digitisation journey. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to advancing rail freight solutions and seamless data integration for all. We continue towards our goal of enhancing rail freight use and digital transformation. Exciting times ahead as we continue this project, bringing innovation and efficiency to transportation!”