Transport Committee Inquiry into Freight and Brexit

Rail Freight Group (RFG) was pleased to submit evidence to the ‘Transport Committee’s Inquiry into Freight and Brexit’.

There can be no doubt that Brexit is a very significant event for all in the freight sector, with ongoing political uncertainty in many key policy areas.  Within our membership some companies are concerned at the potential impact, others see new opportunity, but all are united in the need for much greater clarity to enable them to make the necessary changes in their businesses ahead of the exit date. 

Although the potential for a transition period is welcome, the need to confirm the final requirements for future trade arrangements remains a barrier to effective planning and implementation of the necessary business changes.  Government needs to recognise that businesses will need sufficient time and resources adapt particularly where investment is required.

We note that customs and borders are not within the scope of this Inquiry, and we have not discussed them in detail in this response.  However, it remains the case that these are arguably the most significant areas for the rail freight industry, both at ports and for freight trains via the Channel Tunnel, along with associated requirements for food and plant health, food standards and trading standards.   

Click the link below to download the response in full.

RFG response to TSC Freight and Brexit Inquiry May 2018 FINAL