West Midlands Rail Executive A 30-year Rail Investment Strategy – Consultation Draft

Rail Freight Group (RFG) has welcomed the opportunity to respond formally to the consultation regarding the Executive’s proposed 30-year Rail Investment Strategy.

Recognising that the Strategy is predominantly focussed on passenger travel, (as evidenced by its title), RFG nevertheless welcomes the many positive references to freight traffic, and to the need to accommodate the growth of both freight and passenger services on the mixed-use rail network in the West Midlands. RFG has long advocated such an holistic approach to the increasing demand for movement of both passengers and goods.

In general we have not commented on the issues surrounding and the proposals for enhancing passenger services over the 30-year timescale embraced by the Strategy but have endeavoured to frame this response in the context of the five key questions posed in the introduction to the Consultation Draft.

RFG welcomes the consistent references throughout the draft to the need to strike a balance between expanding passenger services and accommodating rail freight growth which are encapsulated in No 7 of the key components of the Investment Strategy as shown in the Executive Summary.

Click the link below to download the consultation in full.

WM Rail Investment Strategy Response 11 18