Williams Review Call for Evidence

Rail Freight Group (RFG) is pleased to respond to the call for evidence for the Williams Review.

RFG has already published a position paper (attached and at https://rfg.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Rail-Review-position-paper-22-Nov-2018.pdf ) which sets out an initial framework of outcomes for rail freight in any structural change. In particular, it highlights that for any new structure to be a success for rail freight it must:

  • Place freight customers at the heart of the industry, alongside passengers
  • Encourage and deliver rail freight growth
  • Maintain a national network for freight
  • Give fair and equal access for all freight services
  • Ensure that new and existing freight services can be delivered efficiently
  • Enable continued private and public sector investment for freightTo achieve this, our position paper highlights features that any new structure must have to achieve these aims;
    • An incentive framework embedded throughout which encourages and rewards freight growth
    • A strong central function with authority over timetabling and access
    • A national system of freight charges based on current principles
    • The right legal, commercial and regulatory levers to deliver freight needs


Click the link to download the response in full: William Review Call for Evidence Jan 2019